Boost My Sale

Boost My Sale

What is Boost

BoostMySale is a high performing and automated online selling solution which increases your sales exponentially and streamlines all your processes to enable help you focus on growing your business.

BoostMySale knows that there are over 200 million connected potential buyers for your product/s just in Asia and over 1 billion globally. Out of these over 80% carry smart phones and out of these 50% of busy users make purchases through this medium. Are you targeting them yet? Did your marketing potential not just jump?

BoostMySale builds and manages online businesses for online retailers. Businesses can chose Boost, a SaaS application that covers the entire e-Commerce lifecycle and push their products automatically on to leading marketplaces such as EBay and Amamzon as well as create their Facebook stores. It allows users to promote products on Twitter and other social platforms. All of this from one place, the most easy to use interface ever.

Optimized pages help gain a higher ranking on Google and store-owners can send feature rich newsletters to customers, using coupons and discounts. Deep analytics, an intuitive dashboard keep businesses up to date with their inventory and sales, helping quick decision making and more profits.

Attractive templates ensure repeat visitors. More visitors mean more sales.

Sell more. Sell better.

Find out how your business benefits from Boost

Increase Visibilty by Selling on Multiple Marketplaces

BoostMySale enhances your presence and ensures increased visibility by selling your products in the leading global marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, etc.

Drive more sales and increase visibility by selling your products on leading global marketplaces.

need ecommerce
need ecommerce
Reach a wider global audience through your Social Commerce Store

BoostMySale optimizes your social ecommerce store to reach a wider global audience. Social media marketing is an excellent tool for ecommerce. Boost capitalizes from the social networking resource such as, and to drive consumers and sales.

Reach a wider global audience by connecting your social commerce store on,,, Instagram.

Measure results and maximize profits with our Advanced Analytics & Reports

Features in BoostMySale allow you take performance based decisions. “Analyzation” by BoostMySale helps you to know what is working and what is not. Gain clearer insight into market behavior and get updated with the latest happenings on your web store front by BoostMySale.

Measure results and maximize profits with our advanced analytics, reporting tools and alerts

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need ecommerce
Get a competitve edge by Promoting your Products through E-Marketing

Are you looking forward to gain competitive edge at a low advertising budget? If you have a business and want to expand your territory BoostMySale offers the perfect low cost e-marketing mix to achieve it. Enjoy increased sales and wider audience reach with the advantages of low cost tools through e-marketing for promoting your products.

Get competitive edge by promoting your products and deals through E marketing, email blasts and newsletters.

Save Time and Focus on growing your business by Automating your process

Planning your process and pricing strategy can often be very time consuming. The automated process and pricing strategy by BoostMySale saves your time and enables you to focus on growing your business.

Save time and focus on growing your business by automating your processes and pricing strategy.

need ecommerce
need ecommerce
Cost Effective

If you’ve thought ecommerce solution will cost too much, then this is the time for you to think again. BoostMySale provides you with the easiest and most cost effective solution for your ecommerce web hosting needs. BoostMySale allows you to easily fulfill all your ecommerce needs at a very affordable price.

Create and Design your own cost Effective Ecommerce Store

No Capital Investment with our Pay as you Go Monthly Subscription

Enhance your ecommerce experience with simplified modes of payment and terms of service with BoostMySale. With BoostMySale you can also derive benefits from monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any point of time.

No Capital Investment with our flexible pay as you go monthly subscriptions which you can cancel

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need ecommerce
Something for every device

Imagine having your finger on your customers' pulse every single second so you know what's selling. You get real time updates when you see the Reports and Business Intelligence section!

BoostMySale optimizes your web store to be launched and navigated through different devices. The Webstore owners can now implement fully optimized version for different devices of their sites without having to design a complete new site. It is an integrated platform that automatically creates web store rendered for devices like mobile smart phone, tablet, etc.

Something for every device with multiple platforms

Secure and Scalable

At BoostMySale we guarantee you consistent, cost-effective, secure and scalable IT architecture resources to boost your sales. The benefits are not only restricted to getting your product online but we give the customers a simple and secure way to purchase items as well.

Secure and Scalable cloud based solutions

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need ecommerce
Manage without any IT expertise

BoostMySale makes it possible to manage your web store without any IT expertise. All you need is to register with Boost and derive the benefits from increased sales of your products being sold at multiple marketplaces at reasonably low cost.

Manage without any IT expertise or fuss

Easy Integration

BoostMySale offers a flexible and scalable ecommerce solution. It allows easy integration with your existing system to ensure seamless communication between your ecommerce website and software pages.

Easy Integration with current exiting system

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need ecommerce
Reduce Costs with Multiple E-Stores

E-commerce is like an ocean with unfathomable resource availability. Being a mere drop in this vast ocean of ecommerce would mean nothing more than wastage of valuable online resource. Hence, do not restrict yourself and your options to a single product rather derive benefits from multiple web stores and various channels.

Reduce costs by creating multiple e-stores from one account

Organize your products intutively

Did you know that the first item on a listings page is normally the one clicked upon more than 90% of the time? Move around your products on the screen based on what you'd like to show where in the listings pages. With this benefit you can display the products that will boost your sale.

Display the products that will boost your sale

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need ecommerce
Google Friendly Pages

Unique, interactive and visually appealing landing pages are one of most important component for a successful ecommerce marketing strategy. With BoostMySale you can enjoy the benefits of creating landing page that is easy to navigate, with a minimum complicated details and a clear call to action.

Design your own interactive landing pages for promoting your product specific marketing campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Inbuilr CRM Features

There are enumerable reasons attributing to people making online purchases. Price undoubtedly is one of the most decisive factors. Online forums allow you to sell products at a relatively lower price because of the elimination of intermediary expenses. BoostMySale offers you integrated CRM features to enhance customer experience in your site. This is achieved by offering the product they are looking for exactly with all the relevant information.

BoostMySale offers integrated CRM features to enhance customer experience in your site

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need ecommerce
Comprehensive Content Management System

Do you think your lack of technical expertise will affect creating or modifying web content? With BoostMySale you can easily discard your worries since it has features that allow you to use a template or a set of templates approved by the organization as well as the wizards and other tools to create or modify web content.

Create or modify web content

Attract more Customers

Customers are most impressed when they know you value their money. Boost offer exclusive strategies for special discounts and coupons that will attract more customers to you.

Attract more customers with special discounts and coupons

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